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Shiprock Yellow Gold Dusk

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The Shiprock Yellow Gold, sharpened with custom Algae Dusk lenses.

This verdant pigment gives you a new centered poise while it garners the power to transport you to many different mental mediums through its grace. Its holistic harmony is connected directly to the heart chakra, known as the most prominent point of energy in the human system. These lenses levitate above the eye as an entrance to serenity, successfully mimicking the amicable nature of algae itself. 

The Dusk collection was inspired by chromotherapy. A practice that utilizes the visual spectrum of colors as a healing source for a vast selection of mental and physical hindrances. It was conceived centuries ago, transcending time as an ethereal aid for entities that are often left untouched. These spectacles strive to formulate a visceral connection between our chakras and light; light is energy, and colors themselves are the result of energy conjoined with matter and their associative manifestation together.


Eye: 50
Bridge: 24
Temple: 140

Material: Yellow Gold
Lens: Algae


  • Handcrafted origami leather travel case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number