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Male and Female wearing Tejesta Sunglasses
Male wearing Ray Burgundy Dusk Sunglasses - Tejesta

See For Yourself

Through each collection, Tejesta embraces a unique palette of rich colors, precious materials and bold geometric forms, all of which re-shape and reference the unmistakable individuals and artistic movements of previous centuries.

Once sold out, these pieces are no longer produced.

Acetate Spectacles

Tejesta frames are created using custom made acetate, a renewable plant-based hypoallergenic plastic that originates from wood pulp and natural cotton fibers. All Tejesta acetate is made by Takiron, a Japanese supplier that has been around for over a century.

Metal Spectacles

With over 300 steps in the production process - including pressing, welding, and polishing - a single frame takes nearly 5 months to create. The results are uniquely crafted spectacles that are exceptionally durable and lightweight.