Tejesta is a design-centered eyewear brand based in Miami, FL inspired by a far-reaching set of influences and grounded by a vision for creating attainable, collectible goods. These are spectacles for the discerning, the venerable, and the distinguished. Tejesta is rugged like the American West and refined like Art Deco, moved by both the imperfection and the vast perfection of nature. The Tejesta philosophy is guided by an overarching aspiration to create wearable art and a vision that anyone who can see themselves in our pieces knows the transformative properties of our spectacles.


Tejesta is about an ephemeral experience. In the Tejesta tradition, when a piece is sold out it will never return as it once was. A cycle of understanding and experimentation with new materials and production methods realizes our inspiration into each collection’s palette, construction, and hardware detail. The storytelling continues with every chapter of our visual narrative introducing innovative silhouettes and nuanced perspectives.

Every component of our spectacles was birthed out of thoughtful consideration. The touch of our master craftsmen, together with the appreciation for native motifs and art deco style, distinguishes Tejesta frames. Our signature hues and forms are found through a practice of individual ideation to encapsulate our attitude and ambition. Every product is a romance that continues to reveal itself.

At Tejesta, we combine artisanal craftsmanship with advanced production methods, resulting in high-grade, small-batch products that embody the icons of the past and embrace the aesthetic of the future.