Araki Onyx II Dusk

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The Araki Onyx II, augmented with custom Nicotine Dusk lenses. 

These nicotine lenses yield a yearning for peace, as your retina reconciles with your intellect. The amber hue harvests mental and physical stimulation in a beautiful balance, ushering in new focus and visionary prowess as the color is also apt for dealing with waning light. The solar plexus chakra is called upon, welcoming a breath of willpower, connected to one’s actionability, optimism, and sense of being. 

The Dusk collection was inspired by chromotherapy. A practice that utilizes the visual spectrum of colors as a healing source for a vast selection of mental and physical hindrances. It was conceived centuries ago, transcending time as an ethereal aid for entities that are often left untouched. These spectacles strive to formulate a visceral connection between our chakras and light; light is energy, and colors themselves are the result of energy conjoined with matter and their associative manifestation together. 


Eye: 47.5
Bridge: 21
Temple: 145

Material: Black Acetate
Hardware: Yellow Gold
Lens: Nicotine 

An oval silhouette with added acetate anchors. Custom front pin ornaments with Art-Deco inspired filigree. 5-barrel hinge system, 2-base lenses with backside anti-reflective coating treatment and 100% UV protection.


  • Handcrafted origami leather travel case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Letterhead press certificate with limited edition serial number